Individual Fitness Training

University-trained and nationally-certified InterMotion Trainers always on site.

Initial health and fitness evaluation for each participant. Develop custom exercise and nutrition programs for each participant.

Weekly progress meetings for each participant during first 10 weeks of participation.

Ongoing assistance to program participants with exercise program and minor injury treatment

Facility Supervision

Many times, the most difficult aspect of regular exercise is not getting started with a program, but staying committed to it. The individual guidance, support and motivation provided by InterMotion Trainers will for many create an environment where they can succeed for the first time.

Every firm has its own unique corporate culture. InterMotion strives to understand and respect your particular work environment in developing a flexible program your employees can utilize.

InterMotion programs target a high level of employee participation by clearly stating the focus of the program as voluntary, confidential, long-term, and able to provide something for everyone.

Prior to initiating a corporate-sponsored fitness program, all participants should have the opportunity to receive a personal health screening by professionally trained InterMotion personnel.


Program Development & Employee Communications

Develop program policies and objectives in coordination with management’s expectations.

Manage the implementation and maintenance of a fitness facility emphasizing cleanliness and safety.

Submit wellness articles for publication in any company sponsored communications, i.e. newsletters.

Schedule speakers at employee gatherings on a variety of health and fitness related topics.

Provide informational and motivational materials to all employees to promote participation benefits.

Conduct regular partner relations meetings with management to discuss program issues

Although InterMotion Corporate Fitness is committed to providing tremendous flexibility in developing private, customized fitness promotion programming, our program services are typically comprised of three components:   

Core Program Services

We believe that our programs are the most successful when comprised of active involvement by management. InterMotion will strive on a continual basis to understand management's expectations and objectives, as well as provide regular feedback and success reports.

InterMotion Trainers work closely with program participants to develope fitness goals that are attainable as well as challenging. Our goal is to provide an environment where participants can truly feel the personal satisfaction of accomplishing their fitness goals.

Educational materials and other forms of exposure to fitness and healthy lifestyle should be made available to all employees, not only those formally participating in an InterMotion fitness program.

Personally-assigned InterMotion Trainer to assist and motivate participant.

Exclusive, individual attention and assistance throughout workout.

Ongoing customized exercise and nutrition prescriptions.